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Dataset of Tourism Urbanization and Residents' Happiness Level Adaptability in Western Hunan of China (2007-2021)

1 College of Science,Hunan University of Technology and Business,Changsha 410205,China


Published:Apr. 2024

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tourism urbanization,residents' happiness level,adaptability,Western Hunan


The western Hunan consists of 24 counties in Zhangjiajie City, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and Huaihua City. The dataset of tourism urbanization and residents’ happiness level adaptability in western Hunan of China (2007-2021) was developed based on the data on the statistical yearbook, integrated with series matching degree, geographical detector, mediation effect model, etc. The dataset includes: (1) the proportion of each type of adaptability; (2) tourism urbanization and residents' happiness level adaptability; (3) the driving factors of adaptability; (4) correlation analysis of tourism urbanization, residents' happiness level and adaptability; (5) detection index of the utility value of the matching path between tourism urbanization and residents' happiness level. The dataset is archived in .xlsx format, and consists of one file with data size of 23.7 KB. The analysis paper based on this dataset was published in Acta Geographica Sinica, Vol. 79, No. 4, 2024.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (42171235); Hunan Provincial Department of Education (21A0378)

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CHEN Jin. Dataset of Tourism Urbanization and Residents' Happiness Level Adaptability in Western Hunan of China (2007-2021)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2024.


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