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Sediment Grain Size Dataset of Maar Lake of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province during the Holocene

WU Xudong1
1 School of Environment and Tourism Science,Nanyang Normal University,Nanyang 473061,P. R. China


Published:Mar. 2018

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Huguangyan Maar Lake,Guangdong Province,Holocene,Sediment,Grain Size,Journal of Lake Sciences


The sediment investigation was taken at the Huguangyan Maar Lake for study of Changes during the Holocene in November 2009. Two sediments, A (855cm) and B (926cm) were investigated at the Maar Lake located at 21°08′38″N,110°16′46″E and 16.2 m under the water surface. A and B are almost at the same place only 5.2 meters distance between them. In the Sediment A, 855 samples were identified in each 1cm and the grain size was calculated using the Mastersize 2000 Laser particle size analyzer. The Sediment B is used for the age identification of the sediments. The dataset includes: 1) Geolocation of sediment site; 2) Contents of different particle size fractions, median particle diameter, loss on ignition (550℃) of Huguangyan Maar Lake sediment; 3) Age and Ti contents of Huguangyan Maar Lake sediment. The dataset is archived in .kmz, shp and .xlsx data format, 9 data files with data size of 81.1 KB. The dataset is the evidence to support the discovery - terrestrial input of Huguangyan Maar Lake are predominantly from its small catchment, and grain size variation of the sediment during the Holocene was determined by precipitation. The analysis paper based on the dataset has been published at the Journal of Lake Sciences, 2016, Vol.28, No.5.

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Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDA05120102;KZZD-EW-TZ-08); Henan Provinces (14B170008);Nanyang Normal University (70636);National Natural Science Foundation of China (41502165)

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WU Xudong. Sediment Grain Size Dataset of Maar Lake of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province during the Holocene[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2018.

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