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Dataset of Global Land Degrading and Improving Assessment at 500 m (2000-2018)

GAO Zhihai1LI Zengyuan1SUN Bin1DING Xiangyuan1LI Yifu1GAO Ting1QIN Pengyao1WANG Bengyu1YAN Ziyu1
1 Institute of Forest Resource Information Techniques,Chinese Academy of Forestry,Beijing 100101,China


Published:Nov. 2019

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global,land degradation,assessment,500m,GEOARC


The dataset of global land degrading and improving assessment at 500 m (2000-2018) was developed based on the grid dataset of global land degradation trend at 500 m (2000-2018) and the evaluation of land degradation and land improvement. In the dataset, the assessment of global land degradation is divided into two levels of evaluation system. At the first level, there are three types including degradation type, improvement type and no change type. At the second level, there are nine types, including slight degradation (-3), moderate degradation (-6), significant degradation (-9) and very significant degradation (- 12); slight improvement (3), moderate improvement (6), significant improvement (9) and very significant improvement (12); and the type of no change (0). The dataset covers the global terrestrial area excluding the Antarctica, and it is divided into 16 group .tif files (96 data files in total), each file spans 45 longitudes from east to west and 65 latitudes from north to south. The data size of the dataset is 163 MB (Compressed to one single file with 135 MB). The dataset was used for the 2019 report on Global Ecosystem and Environment Observation Analysis Research Cooperation (GEOARC) – Trend in Global Land Degradation since 2000.

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GAO Zhihai, LI Zengyuan, SUN Bin, DING Xiangyuan, LI Yifu, GAO Ting, QIN Pengyao, WANG Bengyu, YAN Ziyu. Dataset of Global Land Degrading and Improving Assessment at 500 m (2000-2018)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2019.

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