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Dataset of Terrestrial Water Storage and its Response to ENSO in the Three Parallel Rivers Basin (2002-2016)

ZHU Yu1,2LIU Shiyin*1,2YI Ying1,2XIE Fuming1,2
1 Yunnan Key Laboratory of International Rivers and Transboundary Eco-security,Kunming 650091,China2 Institute of International Rivers and Eco-Security,Yunnan University,Kunming 650091,China


Published:Nov. 2020

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Three Parallel Rivers Basin,terrestrial water storage,ENSO,Mountain Research


The three parallel rivers basin (TPRB) include the Jinsha River, Lancang River and Nujiang River and their surrounding area in China. In this dataset, the boundary of the TPRB was extracted based on the SRTM 30m, integrated with GloRiC dataset, Google Earth images, and related research results. The Terrestrial Water Storage (TWS) in the TPRB was retrieved using the GRACE RL06 GSM monthly gravity field model from 2002 to 2016, and the results were corrected by using double-scale factor. Finally, the relationship between ENSO and TWS was quantified by linear fitting. The dataset includes: (1) the boundary of TPRB (.shp); (2) spatiotemporal variation data of TWS, including the retrieved water reserves and model results for comparison (.nc); (3) response data of TWS to ENSO (.nc). The data in (2) and (3) are archived in fifteen layers and different dimensions (one, two or three dimension) in NetCDF with a spatial resolution of 1° and a temporal resolution of month. The dataset is archived in 9 data files with data size of 1.69 MB (compressed into one single file with 559 KB). The analysis paper based on this dataset was published in Mountain Research, Vol. 38, No. 2, 2020.Browse

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (41761144075); Chinese Academy of Sciences (2019QZKK0208); Yunnan University (YJRC3201702)

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ZHU Yu, LIU Shiyin*, YI Ying, XIE Fuming. Dataset of Terrestrial Water Storage and its Response to ENSO in the Three Parallel Rivers Basin (2002-2016)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2020.

ZHU Yu, LIU Shiyin, YI Ying, et al. Dataset of terrestrial water storage and its response to ENSO in the Three Parallel Rivers Basin (2002-2016) [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2021, 5(1): 45-53.

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