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Panhai Reservoir, Winter Fish-catching Place in Panshi, Jilin Province of China

GUO Xiaoyi1SONG Jia2FU Jingying3QIAO Yunbo4SHI Ruixiang3LIU Chuang3
1 College of Geographical Sciences,Northeast Normal University,Changchun 130024,China2 People's Government of Niuxin Town,Panshi City,Jilin Province,Panshi 132315,China3 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China4 Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Panshi City,Jilin Province,Panshi 132300,China


Published:Dec. 2021

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Panhai Reservoir,Winter Fish-catching,Panshi,China,data encyclopedia


Panhai Reservoir is one of the winter fish-catching places in Panshi City, Jilin Province of China. It is located on the western slope of Changbai Mountain and adjacent to the Liangzi River, a tributary of the Huifa River. It is administrated by Xidagou Village, Baoshan Town, Panshi City, Jilin Province. It lies between 42°52′24″N and 42°54′17″N, 125°53′35″E and 125°54′34″E. In summer of 2020, the area of the reservoir is 2.31 km² and the perimeter is 13.65 km. The reservoir is classified to be small 1 in the Reservoir Classification System, and the main water is from precipitation, seasonal snow melt water and river supply. The annual precipitation in the region is about 610 mm, and the annual average temperature is 0.6 ℃. The lowest temperature appears in January, with an average of -25 ℃. The reservoir was built in 1965, and had a storage capacity of 5.17x106 m3. The average water depth in the reservoir is 2.6 m, and the maximum depth is 6.8 m. The bottom of the reservoir is silt with a thickness of 50 cm. The main function of the reservoir is to irrigate and nourish the downstream rice fields and the second is to breed the fish. The main fish species in the reservoir are Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, Cyprinus carpio, Carassius auratus, and Hypophthalmichthys nobilis. The benthic organisms are mainly mussels and snails. The water quality is better than the Water Quality Standard for Fisheries (GB11607-89), according to the testing data in 2021. The contents of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead are all zero, copper is 0.0013%, nickel is 0.0006%, zinc is 0.0002%, mercury is 0.00004% and the pH value is 7.4. The suitable period for Winter Fish-catching is from 1st to 20th in January. The dataset is developed based on Google Earth image. It is archived in .shp and .kmz data formats, and consists of 17 data files with data size of 58.3 KB (Compressed into two files with 27.4 KB).

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GUO Xiaoyi, SONG Jia, FU Jingying, QIAO Yunbo, SHI Ruixiang, LIU Chuang. Panhai Reservoir, Winter Fish-catching Place in Panshi, Jilin Province of China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2021.

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