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Boundary Data of the Yenisei River Basin

HUANG Yuefei1LI Tiejian1LV Enze1LI Jiaye1BAI Rui1LIU Chuang2ZHA Fengli2
1State key laboratory of hydroscience and engineering Tsinghua University,Beijing,1000842Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,China,100101


Published:Aug. 2016

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Yenisei River basin,boundary,Arctic Ocean,geography of the world,data encyclopedia


Yenisei River Basin covers the area of Yenisei River and its branches such as Angara River, Podkamennaya Tunguska River, Nizhnyaya Tunguska River,Kemchuk river, Abakan River, Tuba river and Kan River. The geolocation of the Yenisei River Basin is 73。37′43″E in the west to113。50′53″E in the east and 46。27′28″N in the south to 73。38′24″N in the north. The total area of the river basin is 2,659,698.58 km2,the boundary of the basin is 31,237.98km long. The dataset was developed based on the ASTER-DEM with the statistic models and validated by the google earth images. The data is archived in both .kmz and .shp formats with the compressed data size of 26.5 MB.

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National natural science foundation (51579131);Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Y22Q0203TD)

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HUANG Yuefei,LI Tiejian,LV Enze,LI Jiaye,BAI Rui,LIU Chuang,ZHA Fengli.2016.Boundary Data of the Yenisei River Basin ( YeniseiRiverBasinBND ) ,Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository,DOI:10.3974/geodb.2016.05.03.V1

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