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Dataset of Classification and Land Use of the Ecological Core Areas of China

XU Erqi1ZHANG Hongqi1
1Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research


Published:Mar. 2016

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Ecological Core Area,protection,land Use,China,Resources Science


There are challenges for China to the sustainable development, because of the ecological and environmental problems. Protecting the ecological core area is critical issue in China. The ecological core area dataset includes: (1) 1:1M scale GIS data of Ecological Core Areas of China, it is consisted of water conservation area, soil conservation area, wind-breaking and sand-fixing area, flood regulation area, riparian protection area and biodiversity conservation area; (2) 1KM grid data of land use of the ecological core areas of China in 2008; and (3) statistics data on land use change between 1980s and 2008 in the ecological core areas of China. The analysis paper on these data has been published at the Journal of Resources Science, No. 10, Vol. 37, 2015. The dataset was archived in .shp, .tif and .xslx formats, the compressed file size was 7.14MB.

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XU Erqi,ZHANG Hongqi.2016.Dataset of Classification and Land Use of the Ecological Core Areas of China ( Classification_LandUse_EcologicalCoreArea_China ) ,Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository,DOI:10.3974/geodb.2016.01.11.V1

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