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Little terrestrial mammals and birds Dataset in Barun Valley, eastern Nepal (1973)

Milan Daniel1
1National Institute of Public Health,Prague 10042,Czech Republic


Published:Jul. 2016

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little terrestrial mammal,bird,Barun Valley,Nepal,Journal of Mountain Science


In order to determine the altitudinal limit of vector-borne diseases based on the analysis of environmental conditions required for the survival of small terrestrial mammals and their parasites, and to estimate further development of this risk in connection with observed changes in climate and glaciation and human activities. The author made field survey in the Barun Valley (Mt. Makalu at 8475m, East of Nepal) from March to May in 1973, where 7 sample sites were chosen. Small terrestrial mammals were collected using snap-traps. The traps were set at each site for 48 hours and examined twice daily, in the morning and the evening. In the collection sites, trapping was supplemented with the shooting of pikas. At the same time, birds were collected in the same localities. Most of them were shot by gun and only a few were caught in nets. At last, 139 small terrestrial mammals and 94 birds were collected. The dataset is composed of 4 parts: (1) Data on location of 7 sample sites; (2) 16 photos in the survey; (3) Table of 139 little terrestrial mammals collected; (4) Table of 94 birds collected. The data is archived in .xlsx, .jpg, .kmz and .shp format, and the compressed data size is 23.2MB. The analysis paper was published at the Journal of Mountain Science, No. 1, Vol. 12, 2015.

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Milan Daniel.2016.Little terrestrial mammals and birds Dataset in Barun Valley, eastern Nepal (1973) ( TerMamBirdData BarunValleyNepal_1973 ) ,Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository,DOI:10.3974/geodb.2016.04.10.V1

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