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Global change research data publishing and repository

LIU Chuang1
1Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research CAS Beijing


Published:Jun. 2014

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Global change,Research data,Data paper,Data publication,Data sharing services


Data sharing is the critical issue of the global change studies. Since 1994, after suffering the data for charge for more than 15 years, China explored the national strategy to enhance the data sharing. One of the most important initiatives is the National Scientific Data Sharing Program (SDSP), later called the National Scientific Data Sharing Infrastructure of China. Although both the decision makers and data management teams are all try hard to make the datasets available for the global change studies, most of the datasets conducted from the public funded research programs are still not available to be shared, which are out of the circle of the National Scientific Data Sharing Infrastructure of China. The most critical reason is the data authors' contribution to the science are not recognized and rewarded in the scientific communities as the data contributor expected.Browse

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National Natural Science Foundation 70240004, 7087311

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LIU Chuang.014S.Global change research data publishing and repository ( 论全球变化科学研究数据出版 ) ,Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository,DOI:10.11821/dlxb2014S000

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