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The lower timberline dataset in the upper reaches of Minjiang River, China (1999-2009)

WANG Qing1ZHAI Zhen1
1School of Environment and Resource,Southwest University of Science and Technology,Mianyang 621010,Sichuan,China


Published:Jul. 2016

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Key Words:

upper reaches of Minjiang River,vegetation community,lower timberline,sample sites,Geographical Research


The lower timberline move is an indicator for the environment change in the high mountains in the upper reaches of Minjiang River. Based on the data integration among the SPOT-2、SPOT-4(1999),SPOT-5(2009), google earth images,ASTER GDEM, as well as the vegetation map in the upper reaches of Minjiang River from 31°26′N-33°16′N,102°59′E-104°14′E, 149 sample sites data were collected. The lower timberline dataset in the upper reaches of Min River, China (1999-2009) is consisted of the following data: (1) 149 sample sites geolocation data with the surrounding information; (2) Vegetation communities classification GIS data; (3) lower timberline data in non-settlement area; (4) lower timberline data in settlement area;(5) lower timberline data in 1999; (6) lower timberline data in 2009; (7) statistics of the relationship between the low timberline and its distribution in elevation. The dataset is archived in .shp、.tif、.kmz and xslx data formats with the data size of 1.39MB. The analysis paper was published in the Journal of Geographical Research, No.11, Vol. 34, 2015.

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Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2015BAC05B05-01), National Natural Science Foundation of China (41071115);Department of Science and Technology of Sichuang Province (2012SZ0175, 2013SZ0101, 2014SZ0058, 2014SZ0063)

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WANG Qing,ZHAI Zhen.2016.The lower timberline dataset in the upper reaches of Minjiang River, China (1999-2009) ( LowerTimberlineMinjiang_1999-2009 ) ,Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository,DOI:10.3974/geodb.2016.04.18.V1

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