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Indirect Carbon Emission Dataset based on Urban Residents in Provincial Level of China

CUI Panpan1ZHANG Lijun1
1The College of Environment and Planning,Henan University,Kaifeng 475004,China


Published:Sep. 2018

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China,provincial level,urban residents,Carbon emission,Journal of Natural Resources


The indirect carbon emission dataset based on urban residents in provincial level of China is developed according to the input-output tables from 30 provinces of China (no data available for Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and the statistical yearbooks from these provinces. In order to make departments included in the input-output table correspond to those in the Provincial statistical yearbooks, 42 departments in the input-output table were merged into 29 departments. Then the related departments are corresponding to the eight major consumptions of the residents. The indirect carbon emission is the product of the indirect carbon emission intensity calculated by the input-output method and the resident consumption. The identical equation of indirect carbon emissions is constructed and the change of indirect carbon emissions is decomposed into population size effect, consumption level effect, indirect carbon emission intensity effect and residents’ lifestyle effect using the LMDI-I (Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index) method. Indirect carbon emission dataset based on urban residents in provincial level of China includes: (1)The quantity of urban residents’ carbon emissions in 30 provinces and municipalities in China;(2)The value of consumption level effect, the population scale effect, the indirect carbon emission effect and the residents' lifestyle effect obtained by LMDI-I method. Appendix: The corresponding relationship of departments between in the input-output table and the statistical yearbook. The dataset is archived in .xls format with data size of 52.5 KB in one data file. The research paper based on the dataset was published at Journal of Natural Resources, Vol. 33, No. 5, 2018.

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National Science Foundation of China (41501588, 41671536); China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2016M600575); Henan Province (2014CJJ065, 17A170006)

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CUI Panpan,ZHANG Lijun.Indirect Carbon Emission Dataset based on Urban Residents in Provincial Level of China[DB/OL].Global Change Data Repository,2018.DOI:10.3974/geodb.2018.05.11.V1.

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