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The OH Airglow Emission and Rotational Temperature Dataset from the Xinglong Ground Observation Station of China (2012-2013)

LIU Weijun1,2XU Jiyao2YUAN Wei2
1University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China2State Key Laboratory of Space Weather,Center for Space Science and Applied Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing10010,China



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OH airglow emission,rotational temperature,Xinglong Observation Station,Beijing region,Journal of Chinese Geophysics


The OH airglow emissions data in Beijing region were collected by the Spectrometer of Atmospheric Radiation at the Xinglongtai Ground Observation Station of China(40.39。N,117.58。E)during November 2011-Devember 2013. Based on the OH Airglow emissions data, the rotational temperature data in the OH(8-3) belt were calculated, they can be compared with the SABER temperature data. The OH airglow emission and rotational temperature dataset from the Xinglongtai Ground Observation Station of China (2012-2013) (OHAirgEmisRotaTempBeijing_2012-2013) is consisted of four tables: Table1 The vibration-rotational spectrum of OH(8-3) (Observed at 18:46:14 on December 24th, 2011; Exposure time: 90 seconds); Table2 The comparison of OH(8-3) and SABER temperatures over Beijing; Table3 The OH(8-3) rotational temperatures over Beijing (2012-2013); and Table4 The daily mean rotational temperatures of OH(8-3) band over Beijing (2012-2013). The dataset is archived in the .xlsx data format with data size of 268KB. The analyzing paper was published at the Journal of Chinese Geophysics, No. 5, Vol. 58, 2015.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (41229001,41331069);Chinese Academy of Sciences (KZZD-EW-01-2);Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2011CB811405)

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LIU Weijun,XU Jiyao,YUAN Wei.The OH Airglow Emission and Rotational Temperature Dataset from the Xinglong Ground Observation Station of China (2012-2013)[DB/OL].Global Change Data Repository,2016.DOI:10.3974/geodb.2016.05.07.V1.

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