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In Situ Data Collection of Wind Dynamical in the Desert-Oasis Transitional Zone under Typical Weather Conditions in 2014

ZHANG Kecun1AN Zhishan1CAI Diwen1GUO Zichen1WANG Junzhan1
1Key Laboratory of Desert and Desertification,Dunhuang Gobi and Desert Ecology and Environment Research Station,Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Lanzhou 730000,China


Published:Mar. 2017

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desert,oasis,transitional zone,sand-laden wind,drift potential,Arid Land Geography


In order to realize the ecological security in the desert, oasis and the desert-oasis transitional zones, the monitoring instruments were located in the specific regions of desert, oasis and the transitional area in Dunhuang area, Gansu Province, China from April-June 2014. Three HOBOs were located in desert, oasis and the transitional area separately for collecting the data, including wind direction (16 directions in 360, 22.5 for each), frequency of sand-laden wind and drift potential. There were 7 DLFCII instruments installed in the desert-oasis transitional zone. The data is consisted of 5 records groups from 0.2m, 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m and 2m above the ground and four difference weather conditions, including clear sky, fly ash, sand blowing and sand storm weather. Besides the geolocation of the samples and photos of in situ observation, the dataset also include (1) sand-laden wind and drift potential data in desert, oasis and desert-oasis transitional zone sample places. (2) wind speed profile data in the desert-oasis transitional zone under different weather conditions (clear sky, fly ash, sand blowing and sandstorm weather). The dataset is archived in the .shp,.kmz,.jpg and .xlsx data format with the data size of 254KB. The analysis paper was published in Arid Land Geography, No.5, Vol.39, 2016.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (41371027, 41401408); Chinese Academy of Sciences (2014382)

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ZHANG Kecun,AN Zhishan,CAI Diwen,GUO Zichen,WANG Junzhan.In Situ Data Collection of Wind Dynamical in the Desert-Oasis Transitional Zone under Typical Weather Conditions in 2014[DB/OL].Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository,2017.DOI:10.3974/geodb.2017.02.08.V1.

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