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In Situ Experimental Dataset of Population Density Effecting Allometric Growth of Agriophyllum squarrosum in Naiman Station of Inner Mongolia, China

FAN Gaohua1HUANG Yingxin1ZHAO Xueyong2SHEN Xiangjin1
1Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Changchun 130102,China2Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Lanzhou 730000,China


Published:Apr. 2019

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Key Words:

population density,allometry growth,biomass allocation,Acta Protaculturae Sinica


In early May 2007, sixteen plots were selected and Agriophyllum squarrosum were planted in four different population densities in the Naiman Desertification Research Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences (42°55′ N, 120°42′ E), in the eastern of Inner Mongolia. Each plot was 3 m x 3 m. Four population densities were 16 (sd1), 44.4 (sd2), 100 (sd3) and 400 plants/m² (sd4). On June 22, July 14, August 6, August 23 and September 9, 2007, the intact plants were collected, washed, dried and weighted separately to obtain the in situ experimental data of population density effecting allometric growth of Agriophyllum squarrosum. The dataset includes: (1) the geo-location data for the sample site (.shp and .kmz formats); (2) in situ experimental data, including plant high, root length, primary branch length, secondary branch length, main stem weight, leaf weight, root weight, reproductive organ weight, primary branch weight, secondary branch weight, aboveground biomass and stem biomass (.xlsx format). The dataset is consisted of 9 data files with data size of 70.5 KB (Compressed to two data files with data size of 63.6 KB). The dataset results indicated that the allometric index of leaf vs. aboveground biomass at 44.4 plants/m² was approximately 0.75, that is to say, the relationship of leaves biomass vs. plant size was conformed to the 3/4 law, while the allometric indices at other plant densities were significantly different from 0.75 (P < 0.001). The analysis paper based on this dataset was published at the journal of Acta Protaculturae Sinica, Vol 26, No.3, 2017.

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Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China (2016YFC0500606); National Natural Science Foundation of China (31570454); Chinese Academy of Sciences (2016210, KFJ-SW-YW026)

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FAN Gaohua,HUANG Yingxin,ZHAO Xueyong,SHEN Xiangjin.In Situ Experimental Dataset of Population Density Effecting Allometric Growth of Agriophyllum squarrosum in Naiman Station of Inner Mongolia, China[DB/OL].Global Change Data Repository,2019.DOI:10.3974/geodb.2019.03.08.V1.

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