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1 km/ 5-day Net Primary Productivity Product over China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for 2013

GAO Shuai1LIU Qinhuo1KANG Jun1ZHAO Jing1LI Jing1ZHONG Bo1WU Shanlong1PENG Jingjing1
1State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Published:Jun. 2015

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China-ASEAN region,net primary productivity,light use efficiency,fraction of photosynthetic active radiation(FPAR),ecological research station at Genhe


NPP (Net Primary Productivity) is one of the important indexes of carbon deposits, it is also the fact of evaluating the terrestrial ecosystem health. Based on the MOD12 product covering China and ASEAN region, the PAR(Photosynthetically Active Radiation), FPAR(Fraction of Photosynthetic Active Radiation), LAI (Leaf Area Index) and temperature data from the NECP (National Centers for Environmental Prediction) have been integrated in the light use efficiency model, the dataset of NPP in 1km/5-d were developed. The dataset of Musyq-NPP-1KM-2013 was validated with in-situ data from the ecological research station at Genhe, Da Hinggan Mountains, Inner-Mongolia(121°31 10.344 E;50°54 0.032 N). The dataset was archived in .tif format according to the Sinusoidal Tile Grid. The 40 tiles (1.84GB) of the dataset, 10°×10° for each tile, were compressed into 10 files for download. The scale factor is 0.01, and the unit is gC/m2.

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GAO Shuai,LIU Qinhuo,KANG Jun,ZHAO Jing,LI Jing,ZHONG Bo,WU Shanlong,PENG Jingjing.2015.1 km/ 5-day Net Primary Productivity Product over China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for 2013 ( MuSyQ-NPP-1km-2013 ) ,Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository,DOI:10.3974/geodb.2015.01.15.V1

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