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1 km/ 5 day Fractional Vegetation Cover Product over China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for 2013

MU Xihan1LIU Qinhuo2RUAN Gaiyan1ZHAO Jing2ZHONG Bo2WU Shanlong2PENG Jingjing2
1The State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science School of Geography,Beijing Normal University2The State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Published:Jun. 2015

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the China-ASEAN region,fractional vegetation cover,NDVI,the dimidiate pixel model


Fractional Vegetation Cover (FVC) is an important parameter describing the Earth’s surface vegetation cover condition, and is also one of the important indicators of ecosystem changes. The FVC dataset with 5-day temporal sampling interval and 1-km spatial resolution is generated using the dimidiate pixel model. The input data include two parts: 1-km/5-day NDVI dataset provided by Multi-source data Synergized Quantitative remote sensing production system (MuSyQ); and NDVI to FVC transformation coefficients specific for each combination of different climate types, land cover, and vegetation types. Two approaches are applied to assess the FVC quality. The direct validation using ground FVC data at the Heihe River Basin indicated a good consistency between the FVC dataset and field measurements. Inter-comparison with other FVC product (i.e., GEOV1 FCOVER) showed that the FVC dataset of MuSyQ has a better performance in terms of spatial-temporal continuity. The dataset is a Sinusoidal tile gridded FVC product, and is stored in GeoTIFF format. The China-ASEAN region is divided into 40 tiles, and each tile corresponds to a spatial coverage of 10° × 10°. The product is distributed in 10 zip archives with a 2.4GB data volume.

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MU Xihan,LIU Qinhuo,RUAN Gaiyan,ZHAO Jing,ZHONG Bo,WU Shanlong,PENG Jingjing.2015.1 km/ 5 day Fractional Vegetation Cover Product over China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for 2013 ( MuSyQ-FVC-1km-2013 ) ,Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository,DOI:10.3974/geodb.2015.01.17.V1

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